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Giving in India

This week NPC has launched two reports, one on giving in India, and the other on early childhood development, which we produced in partnership with Copal Partners in Delhi. They’re the result of over a year’s research looking at non-governmental organisations (NGOs) across India and getting to grips with what is happening with philanthropy in India. We’ve spoken a bit

No exit: what cuts mean for trusts and foundations

Last week Prime Minister Gordon Brown admitted something that everyone already knew: that there will be cuts in public expenditure. If the last decade in government was about what to spend money on, the next ten years is about what not to spend it on. A lot has been written about where the axe should fall. Front-line services in the

Foundations changing their ways

Last week, the Boston Foundation, one of the oldest and largest community foundations in America, announced significant changes to the way that it is giving grants.

Not only is it changing from funding programmes of work to providing general operating support for charities, but it is also making this funding unrestricted, so that charities can spend it on whatever they need to. But the good news doesn’t just end there.

NPC in India

Next week NPC publishes the findings of a year-long pilot project carrying out research in to charities in India. One of the things we believe very strongly in is the importance of free public information on urgent social causes and the performance of non profits seeking to tackle them. But donors wanting to make a difference in India have, until now at least, faced an almost total lack of independent analysis. This matters.

What the Tories think about charities

For the Tories [the official Opposition and, it is widely assumed, the government-in-waiting], charities are an important part of mending ‘broken Britain’, a crucial element of democracy, and a place where people can help themselves out of poverty. Nothing new in this you might say.

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