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Asking the right questions

A tendency to assume the for-profit world has things to teach the charitable sector can annoy some people. Sometimes, though, the lessons come from failings in the for-profit world. The failed governance of banks and their role in causing the global financial crisis offers one such lesson. The poor performance of bank boards is widely recognised as a problem which

Confidence in charities

A BBC news report last year on the credit crunch made the point that wherever the word ‘capital’ has been used to describe the crisis in the economy (eg, the ‘shortage of capital’) we could just as easily replace it with the word ‘confidence’. Recent events show us how much the economy relies on confidence – of investors to invest

How can community organisations become fit for purpose?

A few members of NPC went to the Community Anchors: Fit for Purpose? conference last week in London, UK. The conference asked whether community organisations, multi-purpose organisations which serve the needs of people in deprived areas, are in a good position to survive the downturn. It discussed a number of interesting topics such as possible financing models for community organisations,

NPC’s response to McCarthy’s trusteeship article in ThirdSector

Rosamund McCarthy (ThirdSector Opinion 9 June 2009) makes a valid point that the one million or so voluntary trustees in the UK show a spirit of selflessness that appears to be missing in business and politics today. She is also probably right to blame lack of transparency as a cause of the financial meltdown and fiasco over MP’s expenses. However,

Guardian Charity Awards 2009 launched

Smaller charities might be interested to hear that the Guardian Charity Awards 2009 have launched. The awards are aimed at small to medium sized charities in the UK, over two years old and with an annual income between £5,000 and £1million, and offer the chance to win £1,000, a new PC, and free consultancy and media services. To find out

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