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Cutting red tape for charities

Yesterday the National Audit Office (NAO), the UK government body that accounts for how public money is used, published some welcome guidance on ‘intelligent’ monitoring. This new guidance follows directly from NPC’s Turning the Tables research recommending more could be done to reduce the unnecessary monitoring and reporting burden on charities. We’re pleased to see that the guidance incorporates many

Lost in transition

The Royal College of General Practitioners (the UK’s membership body for general practice doctors) today called for an urgent review of adolescent healthcare as ‘too many young people are getting lost in the system’: see BBC News. Professor Steve Field, chairman of the Royal College, commented that the handover between child and adult health services is ‘not done very well

Why fake charities is wrong

In the wonderful world of the internet exists an odd site, Fake Charities (, which seeks to list UK charities which it believes to be ‘fake’. Its criteria? 1. Does the charity receive more than 10% of its income from the tax-payer AND/OR receive more than £1,000,000 a year from the tax-payer? 2. Is the charity engaged in lobbying the

Can you compare a charity in Italy with one in the UK?

Today we launch a piece of research, comparing charities providing out of school hours activities for children in Italy, with similar organisations in the UK. The report, Everyday cares, was commissioned by an Italian foundation, to help it understand the success of the Italian charities it funds. Comparisons across countries may seem tricky, but they can be done. Using an

Making trusteeship even more fulfilling

Acevo (the umbrella body for non-profit chief executives in the UK) reported today that half of trustees rated their board’s performance review as ‘unsatisfactory’. Acevo points out that the reality across the sector is likely to be somewhat worse, as this was the result from 200 trustees who chose to respond to the survey. This chimes with our findings from

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