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When success doesn’t breed success

There is a popular show on British television where (often hapless) members of the public pitch ideas to five of the country’s business elite in the hope of securing an investment. Last night, a spin-off programme gave an account of the fortunes of several of the entrepreneurs after the original show. These ranged from the inventor of a hot chilli

Are we looking for ‘high impact’ or ‘high performance’ organisations?

One of the most prolific and interesting bloggers in the philanthropy world, Sean Stannard-Stockton, has written several posts about a fundamental question that we grapple with when analysing charities: are we looking for ‘high performing’ organisations, or ‘high impact’ ones? It’s generated quite a debate on his site, and is worth a read. As Sean describes them: ‘A high performance

Shutting down: the greatest measure of success?

Charities have a curious feature that sets them apart from other organisations: they exist to put themselves out of business. Charities are created in response to a perceived problem or injustice, and strive to get rid of it. So, if a cure for cancer was discovered, for example, there would be thousands of organisations without a cause left to fight

Scotinform are misinformed about administration costs

I just had a minor heart attack while reading an article on the Third Sector magazine website reporting that the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator should publish charities’ administration costs. Apparently a market research company Scotinform made the suggestion in an independent report, after surveying members of the public about their views on charity regulation. As I’ve blogged before,

The impact of bullying on well-being

Yesterday a teenage boy was convicted of racial harassment for the serious and systematic bullying of another young person. Emma-Jane Cross, CEO of Beatbullying, a UK charity, said a ‘critical and long overdue precedent has been set by this conviction’. Beatbullying is one of the charities with which NPC is piloting its charity well-being questionnaire, the interim results of which

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