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How do non-health charities help reduce health inequalities?

The UK’s life expectancy is falling behind other countries in Europe, according to new analysis. There are plenty of things that affect the nation’s health, which means even the work of non-health charities may be helping keep people well. At NPC we’re working on a guide to help voluntary sector organisations better understand the social determinants of health. Katie Boswell explains.

Is grant-making fit for the digital future?

As pretty much everyone has noticed, we’re in the middle of a great revolution driven by digital technology and the internet. But what should grant-making trusts and foundations make of this? Tris Lumley argues why much of funding practice is not currently compatible with the tech world.

Mike Adamson: What the Red Cross learned at Grenfell Tower

The fire at Grenfell Tower in June saw enormous voluntary mobilisation from individuals, local community groups, and national organisations. While on the ground and coordinating its response the Red Cross faced significant challenges. Here its CEO gives a candid account of what they learned.

15 years candle on cake photo

15 years of NPC: How it all began

A decade and a half ago when NPC’s impact journey started, the landscape was under-populated, almost lonely. Here one of our founding trustees Peter Wheeler explains how it all began and where it has taken us.

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