Campaigning - We think charities can plan campaigns that make an impact, and can understand how their work has affected social change. NPC


Does campaigning work? What makes a campaign successful? How political should charities be? And how can you tell if you’re making a difference?

Influencing change through activism and advocacy has been the lifeblood of charities for centuries. But it isn’t easy. Advocacy is risky. There is no guarantee of success.

Charity campaigns can take years. The conditions are complex and changing.

We help charities plan their campaigns through developing a solid theory of change. We encourage focusing on the system as a whole and coordinating efforts around a place. We help charities measure and evaluate the impact of their campaigns, so they can capitalise on success and move on to the next stage. Find out more by coming to one of our training days.

We recently worked with the Evening Standard’s homelessness campaign to evaluate their impact. If your campaign would benefit from an evaluation partner, we’d love to hear from you.

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