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How can charities use digital technology? Should I build an app? How do I address a digital skills gap?

Despite transforming how many charities and funders work, particularly when it comes to communications and campaigns, technology’s influence over how these organisations deliver services has been limited.

We think tech should be used for product and service design to help provide better support for more people, not just for spreading the word and mobilising support.

We also believe the charity sector’s adoption of digital should be collective and coordinated to minimise expense, avoid duplication, and maximise impact.


Signpost+ is a collaborative programme working with communities, data folk, the social sector and beyond to ensure that young people find support when they need it.

We are exploring how to improve the quality of life for young people and communities, and the value that technology and data can bring to this.

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My Best Life

My Best Life, was a long-running collaborative project seeking digital solutions to the challenges facing young people today.

Back in 2018, we worked closely with young people in the London Borough of Camden, mapping their quiet ambitions, their pain points, what helps them, and what holds them back from the life they dream of. 

The second phase was about responding to the need for better support for young people we found in phase one. But we also wanted to go further, by triggering a shift in how the social sector approaches challenges like this.

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AI in the charity sector: getting past the hype

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