About NPC


What does NPC do?

NPC is a think tank and a consultancy.

Our mission is to transform the charity sector. We work with charities and funders to achieve the greatest impact for the people they support and for society as a whole. And we work to strengthen the partnership between charities and funders, improving understanding and enhancing their combined impact.

We bring shared values and different skills to charities and funders. By helping them use their resources more effectively, inspiring through new thinking and prioritising impact, we are transforming the sector.

Find out more about our achievements.

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How does NPC help charities and funders?

NPC exists to make charities and funders more successful.

Our clients are charities, social enterprises, professional advisors and funders—including trusts and foundations, individuals and families, government bodies and corporates. Our services help them make their money, efforts and energy go further, and  include strategic advice and reviews, impact measurement and grant-making support.

As a think tank, we also provide the innovation the sector needs to increase its impact: the new thinking and new ideas to bring about change. By sitting at the nexus between funders and charities, we can identify opportunities for change at the sector level, and help to transform the way the two sides work together to achieve their vision.

Keep up-to-date with our work by reading our publications and blog, taking part in our events, and signing up to our newsletter.

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Is NPC a charity?

NPC was registered as a charity in 2002. Find out more about NPC’s history and read our annual report and accounts for further information.

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How is NPC funded?

NPC has three sources of income: fees for our services, funding and sponsorship for our research, and donations from our supporters.

Like all charities, we need unrestricted funding to keep our operations running, as well as support for our projects and initiatives. You can donate directly to NPC, or read about other ways to support us.

For a full financial breakdown, see our annual report and accounts.

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When and how was NPC set up?

NPC was set up as a limited company in 2001 and registered as a charity in 2002 by a small group of donors from the City of London. They believed that a new organisation, providing rigorous analysis, practical advice and innovative thinking, would help to increase the impact of charities and funders and transform the charity sector.

Long-standing trustee, Harvey McGrath, sums up his thinking about NPC: ‘I see my donations to charities as an investment in society. I helped set up New Philanthropy Capital because I knew there were other donors who thought like me. They too are passionate about generating a social return with their donations and want support to make this happen.’

Read more about our history.

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Can NPC support my charity?

NPC’s main purpose is to make charities and social enterprises more successful. We provide strategic advice to charities, support with impact measurement and bespoke research, among other services.

We share our research and latest thinking on our blog and through an extensive library of publications, which are freely available on our website. We also run events and training for charities. Please sign up to our newsletter to hear what we are up to.

We no longer produce NPC Charity Recommendations and are unable to help charities seeking introductions to donors.

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How can I support NPC?

You can support NPC in several ways, including by giving your time, donating to us directly, joining our circle of supporters, sponsoring our research and becoming a client of NPC.

As a charity we rely on the generosity and  support of our clients, sponsors and donors to continue our work and fulfil our mission to transform the charity sector. Together, we can increase the impact of charities, increase the impact of funders, and strengthen the partnership between the two.

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How does NPC charge for its services?

NPC is a registered charity and is not for profit. The fees for our services provide essential income for NPC. Fees are determined on a project–by-project basis and we work closely with each client to agree on a service that fits their budget and strategic needs. In everything we do, we strive to deliver value for money and to help our clients to increase and prove their impact.

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How can I find out about working for NPC?

Please visit our recruitment pages for current opportunities and to find out about speculative enquiries.

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Does NPC have an ethical policy?

To download NPC’s ethical policy, please click here.

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