Mona Abdul-Karim

Mona is a Researcher in NPC’s Research and Consulting team. before joining NPC (New Philanthropy Capital), Mona completed an undergraduate degree in Politics and History, with a focus on qualitative and quantitative data analysis and research.

Following this, Mona applied her passion for research and the charity sector to her role as a research and campaigns trainee and Arabic translator at Citizens Advice where she worked on projects that campaigned to keep the £20 Universal Credit helpline to tackle the hardships caused by the Covid pandemic during lockdown. She then volunteered with Impact Lebanon where she worked as a researcher and fundraiser, to help the victims who were affected by the nitrate explosion in Lebanon and raise awareness on corruption in the country. Most recently, Mona recently worked at the Job Centre to assist job seekers to access employment opportunities. 

Why I work for NPC

I’m passionate about helping people through tackling the social problems they experience.  At NPC we help organisations to demonstrate their impact and change the lives of the people they serve by helping them create positive social change. And being part of this is truly rewarding

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