Thomas Abrams

Thomas is a Senior Consultant working with charities, funders, government, and business to further their social impact. He works across a variety of projects helping clients develop their strategies and learn more from their impact management.

Currently, Thomas manages the evaluation of the Building Connections Fund, supports a learning partnership with a major US foundation working on impact investing, and leads support for the Social Switch Project‘s evaluation. Thomas’s other recent projects include supporting Heart of the City with a strategic review, and supporting a major health charity to develop its new strategy.

Prior to joining NPC, Thomas worked in the House of Lords working with a Peer on health and wellbeing policy. He also worked for a catering social enterprise, Mazi Mas, and at a small strategy consulting firm. Thomas has an MSc in Comparative Social Policy from LSE, in which he studied how campaigning organisations can drive policy.

You can find Thomas on Twitter.

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Why I work for NPC

NPC is the perfect place for combining my passion for improving people’s lives and solving varied social and organisational problems. The best part is we know we are making tangible impact.

Highlights of my work

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