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7 practical tools for improving your outcomes and impact

By James Noble 14 May 2015

NPC has always been slightly obsessed with impact (in a good way, of course). Over the years, we’ve created a bunch of guides to help you think through the different stages of understanding, measuring and improving your impact.  We’ve also designed some tools to help you take a collaborative approach to impact measurement and to tackle specific challenges, such as measuring the impact of your campaigning or quantifying you impact on ‘soft’ outcomes such as well-being.

  1. Creating your theory of change: our practical guide to developing your theory of change—often the first step in developing your impact measurement framework.
  2. NPC’s four pillar approach: a guide to the four steps involved in developing a successful measurement framework (from Theory of Change to Selecting your sources and tools).
  3. Strategy for impact: a framework for developing your strategy because without one, it’s difficult to create an impact.
  4. NPC’s Well-being Measure: our online tool for organisations working with young people (11- to 16-year olds) to understand the ‘soft’ outcomes they are achieving, for example self esteem and resilience.
  5. Journey to EmploymenT (JET) framework: outlines the outcomes, indicators and tools for youth employment charities to use (also see the JET pack and related tools).
  6. Blueprint for shared measurement: our report for Inspiring Insights with insights and tips from 20 different shared measurement projects.
  7. Closing in on change: a how to guide on measuring the impact of your campaigning.

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