A manifesto for charitable impact

By 16 March 2010

Today, NPC is publishing our first manifesto ahead of the forthcoming UK election. Not another one, I hear some of you moan. But our manifesto is different (I know everyone says that, but hang in there). Our focus is narrow, specifically on charities and social impact only, the things we really care about.

The manifesto contains six steps towards greater social impact, three supporting charity effectiveness and three supporting effective philanthropy. Some of the ideas for helping charities directly are the subject of a blog post I have written over on the Guardian Public.

The philanthropy recommendations are as follows:

1. Government should support the provision of good quality information to help philanthropists focus on effectiveness.
2. Government should promote the development and take-up of good quality philanrthropy advice.
3. Government should build sustainable partnerships with philanthropists.

These recommendations offer, we believe, greater hope, of inspiring and helping wealthy donors give more and give more smartly.

At the heart of our manifesto is a yearning for more and better data on charity performance, to help decision making by government, by charities and by donors. If we get good quality data on what charities do and achieve, our hope is that the real potential of charities can be realised and donors inspired to give more money to great organisations. Read the whole manifesto.