An Association of Nonprofit Analysts?

By 20 May 2009

Yesterday was a big day for NPC, as we, with Bertelsmann Stiftung, brought together two hundred charity professionals to discuss nonprofit analysis. The importance of understanding the results of a charity’s work was captured nicely by one of the speakers, Jamie Cooper-Hohn of the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation:

“Some nonprofits think that ‘passion plus activities equals impact’. It doesn’t. Measuring impact is essential.”

Interest in effective philanthropy has increased recently with US president Obama appointing a new head of social innovation to “scale up what works in nonprofits”, according to Matthew Bishop.

As far as we know, this is the first time such a gathering has happened. Attendees from over 20 countries came to the day long conference. NPC used it as an opportunity to test the appetite for an Association of Nonprofit Analysts, to share learnings and raise standards.

Two thirds of the audience agreed that an association would be useful.

Today, we are already following up some of the conversations that were started yesterday and will be thinking about what happens next. Do comment about your thoughts and get in touch if you want to help us take this forward.