And the winners are…

By Sue Wixley 9 June 2010


Tomorrow is the Charity Awards 2010 ceremony. My boss, Martin,  is one of the judges and is dusting off his bowtie as I write this. 

 The award evening is an important event for the sector. It is an occasion to “recognise and celebrate excellence in the leadership and management of charities”.  Good luck to all the charities  on the shortlist (we’re pleased that they included some that NPC knows and loves like Thames Reach, The Place2Be and The Children’s Trust).

The winning charities  will be chosen from a string of different categories — animals and the environment; education and training; research, advice and support; and international aid and development, to name a few.

Looking through this list got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be interesting to have some alternative award categories?

How about a Small Failures Award, for charities that have experimented, failed and learnt from it? It could build on The Not Terribly Good Club of Great Britain which became such a success that it no longer met its own mediocre standards. The latter is obviously a tongue-in cheek idea, but mine is less so.

Or what about a Best Deputy Award, as a counter-balance to the personality cult that sometimes surround charity chief execs?

Any other ideas for new awards?