Another boring newsletter?

4 March 2010

Many charity newsletters I read leave me a little cold. They often face inwards, describing an organisation and its work, rather than look outwards. The innards of an organisation and simple lists of its activities are less interesting to me.

Which is why, when we decided to write a quarterly magazine at NPC, I wanted us to write about topical, interesting issues that matter to charities, funders and philanthropy advisors. At heart, NPC is a campaigning organisation and I want us to be an informed and challenging voice within the sector.

I hope we’ve achieved this. If we haven’t, then let us know and tell us what you think we should be doing better. But for now, I’d encourage you to read the latest edition of NPC’s magazine, Giving Insights.

Timed to tie in with the start of a new decade, this edition looks forward and back at big changes in philanthropy and the charity sector. In it we ask funders, charities and philanthropy experts for their wishlists for the next decade; our PR manager, a journalist with over 15 years’ experience, tells charities how to write compelling case studies that win coverage; and we tell you more about The little blue book.
I hope you enjoy it.