‘Fundraising, charity shops and chuggers’ at the Guardian

By Esther Paterson 15 September 2010

We were thrilled to see the new charity effectiveness site from The Guardian—a whole section of their website dedicated to helping charities to be more effective, set up in partnership with knowhownonprofit. In the face of looming pubic sector spending cuts and an increasingly competitive funding market, it has never been more important for charities to prove their impact.

The latest podcast on The Guardian’s site features our very own Martin Brookes, discussing ‘Fundraising, charity shops and chuggers’, together with Clara Avery of Macmillan Cancer Support and Peter Storey of Kidney Research UK. The podcast looks at some of the challenges fundraisers face and discusses the future of fundraising.

Given that support from the public sector is set to shrink over the coming months, there’s a real need to rekindle individual interest in giving to charities and raise the level of donations. At NPC, we have always argued that demonstrating impact is key to keeping people interested and therefore key to increasing donations. Macmillan is one example of a charity that takes measuring results seriously: after working with NPC in 2008, it set up a Research Intelligence Unit to monitor its outcomes.

You can listen to the podcast on the guardian charity effectiveness website, where you can also see the full series of podcast debates.