Job well done: Employment and mental health problems

By Matilda Macduff 1 February 2012

Mental health is key to well-being. It affects our relationships, our work and our overall happiness. But at any one time, one in six people are suffering from mental health problems. This costs society £67bn every year—as much as the government has recently spent bailing out UK banks.

Today, NPC launches Job well done, our report on mental health problems and employment, which looks at what funders can do to reduce these huge costs and improve people’s lives. Right now we are holding a roundtable with the Centre for Mental Health to discuss the report’s findings, and wider issues around employment and mental health problems.

Look out on our blog tomorrow for more on today’s roundtable – but in the meantime, head over to Alliance Magazine’s blog to read report author Benedict Rickey’s thoughts on what the research has taught us.