NPC welcomes its new Chief Executive

By Dan Corry 7 September 2011

It is almost inevitable that an incoming chief executive will say how pleased and honoured they are to be coming to their new job. Well I am not going to buck that trend because it is certainly true in my case.  What could be better than having a chance to lead an organisation bursting with talent and engaged in some of the key issues of our times?

I don’t actually start the job until 10 October so I am not going to say anything profound in my first blog for NPC. But I did think it worth saying a little bit about myself and my hopes for the organisation.

I have worked in a variety of settings over the years and tend to call myself a public policy and economics specialist. I have worked a lot in government as a civil servant and as a special adviser in a range of departments ranging from Education to No 10, Transport to Local Government and Trade and Industry to the Treasury. But I have done a lot more besides. I have run a think tank on local government issues. I worked at IPPR in the 1990s where I began and edited a popular economics journal.  I have worked most recently in a major international consultancy focusing on public policy and economics.

Tackling wicked issues  

Most of all I care passionately about trying to tackle what many local government experts call the ‘wicked issues’, the ones that are so hard to solve. And in working to help improve the effectiveness of charities, voluntary sector groups and, increasingly, social enterprises, I believe that NPC can have a major impact on achieving that.

The economy is in an unhealthy state at present and money is going to be tight for everyone. Not only do the social and economic problems not go away but if anything in recessionary times they become more acute. We must all surely want every pound spent by any and every organization to be spent as well as it can and for funders – of all types – to aim their money where the bang for the buck is greatest.

Acting as a think tank and as a consultancy, that is what NPC must do.

I look forward to working with you all soon.