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#NPCIgnites 2017: Helping the sector connect, challenge and change

By Lucy de Las Casas 27 April 2017

Here at NPC we see plenty of examples of the tough times that charities are facing, as well as the difficult decisions funders are having to make as a result. And there is no shortage of voices talking about these problems.

But we are also privileged to see (and in some cases be part of) examples of great creativity and innovation. That’s not to mention the determination and strength in the way that charity leaders are responding to these changes and challenges. We strongly believe that charity leaders can and must take the bull by the horns—remain focused on their mission, understand their environment and where its heading, act cleverly and boldly, and not be a victim of their circumstance.

At our annual October conference NPC Ignites—booking for this year’s opened today—we aim to provide charity leaders and funders with information and inspiration to make the most of the opportunities these challenges can bring. We’ve designed the day to help charities keep pace with change, to anticipate new trends and innovations, and to ensure their organisations are always maximising their social impact. We’ll bring together the brightest minds to inspire new ways of working. And we also aim to give a bit of space from day-to-day life: a chance to think, reflect and discuss with others.

Every year, the conference attracts trailblazing speakers from across the charity sector and beyond. We are delighted that this year our keynote speakers will be Will Cavendish of Google Deep Mind,  Deborah Mattinson of Britain Thinks, and Polly Neate, incoming Chief Executive of Shelter. They will be reflecting on the current climate—exploring everything from what the charity sector can learn from developments in the private sector, to the impact of populist politics and how the sector is responding to the challenges we face. And the wider programme will build on the findings from our State of the Sector research, in which we are exploring bold and imaginative responses in times of change to help the charity sector adapt and thrive.

At NPC Ignites 2016 we heard that charities have a crucial role to play in achieving social change and that there is no time to waste (find out more about what happened last year). The sector is stronger than it thinks, and has a significant role to play in transforming the future.

In 2017, the year NPC turns 15, the conference promises to be as sparky as ever. We need to work together to lift our sights, to develop and deliver innovative solutions, to build the evidence base for our work and learn from it—and, above all else, be bold in these times of change. So do join us to Connect, Challenge and Change.

Sign up to NPC Ignites 2017 here. Book before the end of June to benefit from our super early bird discounts—up to £169 off your ticket price.