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NPC’s 12 blogs of Christmas 2015

By Guest contributor 24 December 2015

As the year draws to an end, it’s always good to look back and reflect. We’ve had a a busy and impactful 2015 at NPC, with interesting client work, new research topics and numerous stimulating events. Here we bring together our #12blogsofXmas to highlight just some of the areas we’ve worked in and to give you a chance to catch up.

Happy festive reading and seasons greetings from all of us.

1. The power of digital to transform the sector

Back in January we outlined the thinking behind our programme exploring the potential of digital to transform the charity sector. We recently published Tech for common good, our case for a collective approach, following the first stage of work.

2. ‘Beneficiaries first’: NPC’s 2015 manifesto

Our pre-election manifesto, A vision for change, highlighted where government and civil society could work together to make the charity sector stronger. It was was summarised by our CEO with two important words: ‘Beneficiaries first’.

3. The future of data

Opening up data for charities and helping them understand and use it is an issue we’re passionate about. Our Data Labs project is leading the way and this blog outlines the role of the voluntary sector in driving it on. Since it was published, we’re pleased that the Justice Data Lab is now a permanent service at the Ministry of Justice.

4. 7 practical tools for improving your outcomes and impact

A popular blog of 2015 was this summary of resources for measuring and improving outcomes. This is a handy one for anyone with ‘improve my charity’s impact’ at the top of their new year’s resolutions list.

5. A shock to the system

Our guide to systems change, supported by Lankelly Chase, received record downloads in it’s first few weeks and positive comments and feedback. This blog highlights the importance of systems change to get past ‘papering over the cracks’ of society’s problems.

6. Goals for good: SDGs for the UK charity sector

2015 was the deadline for the Millennium Development Goals, and saw the new UN Sustainable Development Goals  (SDGs) ushered in. In this guest blog, Rachel Whale of Charityworks looks at the success of these unifying goals, and asks whether the UK charity sector would benefit from having its own cross-sector aims.

7. Why charities should collect less impact data

Our top-read blog of the year, this post from our Deputy Head of Measurement and Evaluation turned heads, as he explained we need to shift from pointless data collection to really understanding what works and then sharing this knowledge to build the evidence base.

8. Winning the Corbyn way

The summer saw the country gripped by Corybn fever. Whatever your politics, we felt there were a few things charities could learn from his unexpected success.

9. Deeds not words: Charities step up to the refugee crisis

Charities have long been involved in Europe’s on-going refugee crisis, but as events reached a tipping point in September we looked at how they are responding to the growing need. We have since supported the Guardian and Observer 2015 refugee charity appeal.

10. What can trustees learn from Kids Company?

The collapse of Kids Company rocked the charity sector, with countless repercussions. This blog looks at the lessons that can be learned about charity governance.

11. A game-changer for impact investing

We were excited this year to work with Charly and Lisa Kleissner on a review of the impact of their KL Felicitas Foundation’s investment portfolio. They are leading the way in 100% impact investing and this blogs summarises the significance of this work.

12. The sector needs a strong, robust Charity Commission

2015 was in many ways a tough year for the sector, and there have been many rumblings about regulation. Here we argue for a robust Charity Commission to ensure a strong and healthy voluntary sector in the future.