Have you heard about SROI analysis and wondered whether it is something your charity, or the charities you support, should be doing?

Are you a funder interested in learning more about new opportunities to partner with government?

Or are you curious about the lessons our new government could learn from the way the US government changed its relationship with the charity sector post-election?

The latest edition of NPC’s magazine, Giving Insights, explores all these issues. As a leading charity think tank and consultancy, we are looking with interest to see how our new coalition government engages with the charity sector and philanthropists. In this edition, we share some of our thoughts on how the government could improve the way it works with charities and promote philanthropy.

We hope you find the articles an interesting read. Any comments or feedback do let us know, or give us a call on 020 7785 6300 if you want to discuss any of the issues further.