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£3.1bn? What the downturn might cost charities

Over the last year we have got used to hearing big numbers. There have been no shortage of descriptions of how much the financial crisis has cost the economy. Overall, UK GDP is down 4.5% from last year and some say the bank bail out will cost us as much as £200bn. Like virtually every other part of the UK

NPC chosen in Third Sector’s ‘Best of the blogs’

With so many blogs out there, it can be tough for new blogs to make any impact. Which is why we were pleased to find out the other day that a post by John Copps, one of our heads of research, about the future of the Lloyd’s TSB Foundation in Scotland has been featured in Third Sector’s ‘Best of the

Why I don’t support animal charities

My seven year old daughter was aghast last week when confronted with details of my charitable giving. At home one evening she caught me turning away a door-to-door fundraiser from an animal welfare charity. When I told her I didn’t support domestic animal charities, she collapsed into tears, wailing how cruel I was. Peace only broke out when I promised

New fundraising approach from Crisis

Last Wednesday, a colleague and I went to an event by UK homelessness charity Crisis, to launch its Urban Investor programme. This is a fundraising initiative based on an analysis of the social returns of investing in Crisis’ Skylight Activity Centres. These returns were calculated using the Social Return on Investment (SROI) approach—which puts a financial value on some of

What should NPC discuss on its blog?

This week we’re looking for your questions about ‘the future of the charity sector.’ Want to know NPC’s opinion on an issue? Send us your questions and we’ll post our reply on the blog. Email: Jane at or leave a comment on this post.

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