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Protecting children: have we got our priorities straight?

Was anyone else depressed to hear children’s charities supporting the Vetting and Barring scheme on the radio this morning, England, Wales and Northern Ireland’s new compulsory register for everyone who wants to work with children or vulnerable adults? Set up in response to the Soham murders of 2002, it seems to me to be profoundly misconceived. As NPC’s report on

Better research wanted

This week, NPC was out in force at the NCVO VSSN conference, the conference in the UK dedicated to research about the voluntary sector. NPC was presenting three papers: Eleanor Stringer presented her research on trusteeship, Gustaf Lofgren presented his research on communicating results, and I presented on grant-making.

Foundations in the US get nudging

If you’ve not heard of it, since 2007 New York City has been a testing a multi-million dollar programme, Opportunity NYC, that experiments with so-called Conditional Cash Transfers (CCTs). CCTs are cash payments made to people on low incomes in return for specific behaviour—be it opening a bank account, or ensuring that children attend school.

Big charities should do more

Why shouldn’t big charities use some of their wealth to give grants to smaller organisations? What about more in the way of sharing staff, expertise and other forms of non-financial support? Where they share the same charitable purpose, big charities should recognise where small charities are doing a good job, including where they are doing the job better than they could.

Rainbow Trust: when a charity has to make difficult decisions

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity, which supports the families of children who have a life-limiting or life-threatening condition, has just announced the closure of its two family respite houses.Rainbow felt that by redeploying its resources, it could have greater impact and reach more families, even if, in the short term, the decision may not be popular.

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