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The tricky business of reserves and investments

If the last year has taught us anything about running charities then it is the importance of leaving some money aside for a rainy day. Because over the last year it hasn’t just been raining, it has been pouring. When NPC looks for well-managed, high-performing charities then, generally speaking, we expect to find some money kept in reserve. Reserves mean

Scrutiny and analysis: there is no way back

Over the last decade, there has been an upsurge in information and analysis produced on charities and philanthropy. This seems to have happened worldwide – with organisations as far as Midot in Israel and Charity Ratings in Sweden, as well as new and established organisations in the US, such as Guidestar, GiveWell, Charity Navigator and the Center for Effective Philanthropy.

Risks in the charity sector: Learning lessons from Unicef Germany

At a recent conference in London on charity trusteeship, attendees were asked whether they believed the charity sector was beset with similar problems to those which afflicted banks and caused such problems during the past two years. Sixty percent said yes. This finding, though unscientific and unrepresentative, suggests a concern with how the sector is governed. That could be interpreted

Top philanthropists call for more mergers as their giving goes up

A nice insight into how the the UK’s wealthiest givers are responding to the recession on the BBC News website today. It highlights the fact that, rather than cutting back, recent research from Barclay’s Wealth suggests that a quarter of rich philantropists have actually increased their giving in the last 18 months. The article references Radio 4’s The World at

When success doesn’t breed success

There is a popular show on British television where (often hapless) members of the public pitch ideas to five of the country’s business elite in the hope of securing an investment. Last night, a spin-off programme gave an account of the fortunes of several of the entrepreneurs after the original show. These ranged from the inventor of a hot chilli

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