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Strategy: embrace it and reap the rewards

29 January 2015

‘Charities with strategies appear more able to deal with fluctuating economic conditions’, the ICAEW reported to the Charity Commission.

Its review of 26 charities, all with income less than £5m, shows that larger charities (£1-5m) are more likely to have a formulated strategy than smaller ones (<£1m). In fact, 10 of the 18 charities with income below £1m have no or little formulated strategy.

The oft-cited reason for not having a strategy is that long-term planning is a luxury that time and circumstance do not allow. NPC understands this and sees it first hand. But though a focus on survival may sometimes feel all consuming, we know that charities with a strategy are better equipped to meet pressures and even change direction—crucial at a time of crisis (not considering the hugely positive experience of going through this process, whatever your situation).

With this in mind, we produced a brief approach to strategy. Based around our strategy triangle, it provides clear and practical guidance and offers reassurance that you don’t have to do everything at once. But you ought to do something—because something is always better than nothing.

One step you might consider is to attend our one-day training course. My colleague Iona Joy and I will ask basic questions to help you focus on elements critical to your success, consider different scenarios and frame constructive internal debates about what your charity needs to do to maximise its effectiveness.

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