The poetry of charity

By John Copps 18 January 2010

In December we launched the inaugural NPC Haiku Competition. Readers of this blog were encouraged to muster their energy and creative spirit to write a bit of charity or philanthropy-inspired lyrical magic – in the form of a three-line verse with the traditional 5-7-5 syllable structure.

The competition didn’t quite catch the imagination as we had hoped but we received some great entries.

Thanks to everyone who posted a poem. The winner was the haiku below from Anonymous, who will receive a bottle of champagne and a mention in Giving Insights (in return for identifying him or herself).

Thoughtful funding for
All charities! ‘Cept us, be
Wreckless with funds for us.

Also a special mention to Robin Bogg for his contributions.

You can enter again in December 2010…