The value of community organisations

Today we’ve launched our new publication Community organisations: a guide to effectiveness. This builds on the work in The little blue book, detailing how NPC thinks about what makes organisations effective, and how we analyse them.

Analysing organisations is the backbone of NPC’s approach because analysis helps charities and funders to become more effective at what they do. It helps identify strengths and weaknesses, shows what works and what doesn’t, and how organisations can improve. And in times like now, when charities and funders are facing difficult choices it should be the first step in making important decisions around what services to keep and what not.

The community sector is very important and highly effective at reaching lots of different people and making a real impact on their lives. But it is currently under threat as lots of local authorities cut back. Because community organisations are complex, they are sometimes difficult for funders to truly appreciate. This is the reason why we’ve chosen to outline our approach to analysing and what we believe makes a truly effective community organisation.

You can read more about the content of the report in my blog for The Guardian.