Client report


Connect Fund: Interim learning report

on 1 October 2019

This interim learning report conducted by NPC assess the impact of the Connect Fund to date and identifies ways to improve service design and programme delivery.


Charities, young people and digital mental health services

on 24 April 2019

This paper reviews the landscape of mental health provision for young people. It explores how services are suited to certain conditions, the features which makes services appealing to young people, and suggests strategies by which funders can support charities to do more in this area in future.


Evaluation of the Building Resilient Economies programme

on 1 October 2018

In 2013 Friends Provident Foundation launched the Building Resilient Economies programme, motivated by the failures of the economic system to meet the needs of society and the environment. They asked us to evaluate this work.


In pursuit of deep impact and market-rate returns

on 29 April 2018

How the KL Felicitas Foundation's impact investing portfolio balances social impact with financial return.


Thinking big: How to use theory of change for systems change

on 7 March 2018

We think that, applied well, theory of change can support charities and funders to take a systemic approach to their work. This report identifies five common pitfalls that organisations fall into when using theory of change, and walks through five rules of thumb that will help organisations to use the approach to tackle complex problems.


Tapping the potential: Lessons from the Richmond Group’s practical collaborative work in Somerset

on 19 February 2018

A learning report, researched and authored by NPC for The Richmond Group of Charities. It captures learning from the initial stages of an approach to building meaningful collaboration between the voluntary sector and public bodies.


More than grants collection: Pushing the boundaries of funding

on 14 December 2017

As a country we face huge challenges. These challenges present questions for everyone who funds charities. It’s time to ask whether charitable foundations in the UK are doing enough—and are doing the right things—to support the voluntary and community sector.


In your care: The role of philanthropy for children in care and care leavers

on 25 April 2017

NPC's briefing for philanthropists and funders on how they can support the care system to ensure better life chances for children in care and care-leavers.


User voice: Putting people at the heart of impact practice

on 15 November 2016

This report explains how charities can best harness the views and needs of their beneficiaries in order to improve their impact.