Diversity and inclusion


Why do we need diversity?

on 5 February 2018

Most charities believe boards should be diverse. But, according to our State of the Sector research, many are unsure what specific benefits diversity brings and how to achieve it. At a recent event for charity trustees we explored the benefits and challenges a diverse board can bring.


‘Poverty porn’ or no, let’s welcome prompts to think differently

on 15 December 2017

The Comic Relief video of Ed Sheeran in Liberia has been branded 'poverty tourism' by the annual Radi-Aid awards. The debate around its content highlights the difficult calls charities must make to impact their chosen causes. But it also prompts charities to think hard about how they're depicting the people and causes they work for. Katy Murray explores.


Stop quoting Latin in your board meetings

on 18 October 2017

The voluntary sector's board diversity and inclusivity issue is well known. How do we tackle this? Grace Wyld shares insights from a recent NPC event on the topic.


So how diverse is your charity’s board?

By Julia Oliver
on 9 December 2016

In the private sector, the move towards greater board diversity has been building for years now. A compelling case has been made for how it can boost performance. Julia Oliver argues that we need to step up and follow suit.