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Sharing sanitiser

Using what we learnt during the pandemic to tackle inequality

By and Dan Corry
on 15 July 2021 , 3 minute read

A crisis can bring us together. In actuality, covid has further exposed the divides in our society. We want to discuss inequality and how we can tackle it, using what we learnt during the pandemic.

Alex Miller

How did US and UK philanthropy respond to change in 2020?

on 5 May 2021 , 1 minute read

On 28 April 2021, NPC held an event on how philanthropists approached the unprecedented events of 2020 in the US and the UK. Full recording here.

Road bridge

A US foundation’s innovative approach to creating a more just, equitable and resilient world

By and Alex Miller
on 26 April 2021 , 2 minute read

In the closing session of our annual conference last year, we learnt about how one of the world’s largest foundations generated funds to help drive an equitable recovery from the pandemic.

Woman looking at data on laptop

How to use need and demand data to inform decision-making

By and Alex Miller
on 18 March 2021 , 1 minute read

NPC held an event on 17 March 2021 on how data-driven decisions can help you respond to existing and newly emerging issues. Full recording here.