Moving mental health beyond hashtags

By Jennifer Richards
on 5 December 2018

High profile campaigns have raised awareness of a range of mental health problems and the broad need to do something to help people who experience them. But is this enough and how do we move past awareness to make sure the support is available for people who need it?


Exciting to witness how grantmakers are showing leadership

By Fran Perrin
on 9 November 2018

Fran Perrin, Founder of the Indigo Trust and Chair of 360Giving, shares her delight at the shift in the grant-making community towards embracing data and digital and asks what can be done to enable the trend.


Should charities collaborate or merge to maximise their potential?

on 5 November 2018

At last month’s NPC ignites conference, a panel of experts from charities and funders discussed whether working together meant formal and informal collaboration or if mergers were the best way to maximise resources for causes.


Audio: How can charities harness new power dynamics?

on 31 October 2018

Chief Executive of Nesta Geoff Mulgan works with charities and social organisations around the world to help them understand the ways technology is shaping the future. Here he speaks to attendees of NPC Ignites 2018 on the changing nature of power in the world today and what it means for charities.


Peppa Pig & place shaping projects

By Tom Alexander
on 26 October 2018

What have traditional local government and civil society approaches to problems got in common with Peppa Pig characters? Well according to Tom Alexander, Head of Commissioning & Corporate Improvement in Sutton, they're both two dimensional. And the similarities don't end there.

Anne Kazimirski headshot

What are the barriers to learning from evaluation?

on 18 October 2018

What are the real, practical barriers which stop charities learning from the information they have on themselves? Drawing on a recent session at NPC Ignites, Anne Kazimirski, Head of Measurement and Evaluation, explores the issues.


Let’s have more collaboration and less merger

By Duncan Shrubsole
on 8 October 2018

Ahead of his appearance at NPC Ignites, Duncan Shrubsole, Director of Policy Communications and Research at Lloyds Bank Foundation argues that talk of mergers in the social sector is detracting from the value of collaboration.


Eat your data, it’s good for you!

By Suzanne Jacob OBE
on 4 October 2018

Ahead of 2018's NPC Ignite, conference speaker and CEO of SafeLives, Suzanne Jacob OBE, sets out the changing challenges they have faced and lessons they have learnt trying to use tech for good.


A product or a journey? Our approach to consultancy for charities and funders

on 17 September 2018

Why is NPC both a charity and a consultancy? What do we bring to the clients we work with? Sally Bagwell, Deputy Head of our Charities Team, explains.


Are we failing to focus on disadvantaged places?

on 12 September 2018

New research has revealed the scale of the problem in local government finances in the most disadvantaged areas of the country. Is it time for the social sector to come together in a coalition for change to help tackle this looming crisis—and prevent it from happening again?

Dan Corry

Building a better sense of community

on 11 September 2018

NPC CEO Dan Corry shares some reflections on the government’s recent Civil Society Strategy.


When (not) to merge a charity

on 31 August 2018

Our research has found many positives for charities from mergers but they're not always appropriate. Thinking about when they aren't helps us to understand the range of collaboration options that are available to charities.