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The past and potential of ‘place’

By and Dan Corry
on 6 April 2018

‘Place-based’ solutions gaining popularity at the moment. But it’s not a new idea. The approach has quite a history. NPC’s CEO Dan Corry walks through his experience and some key principles that underpin it.

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Contracting in crisis: Is there promise in a place-based approach?

on 28 February 2018

Recent shocks like Carillion's collapse signal that it’s time for change if we want to deliver for people and communities. Nathan Yeowell talks through the issues at play, and explores how a place-based approach could help us find a better approach.

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Embracing place-based collaboration: Lessons from Somerset

on 19 February 2018

What does cross-sector collaboration in health and care look like in a particular place? NPC has captured learning from the initial stages of the The Richmond Group of Charities' work in Somerset, which explored what new ways of working across sectors in a specific geographic area could look like.

People not problems report front cover

People not problems

on 19 December 2017

Taking an asset-based approach can encourage us to look beyond needs to see the whole person or community, and help them to uncover and build upon their strengths. This short publication summarises insights from our roundtable on the topic.

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We need a new social contract. A local one

on 20 July 2017

A lot has changed since the post-war founding of the welfare state, and the social contract that went with it is eroding.

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To tackle the country’s divisions, we must start locally

on 20 July 2017

Clare Thomas, Consultant, London's GivingIt’s a much-pondered topic: the divisions revealed by the Brexit vote and what it will take to heal them.

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Charity Expert Dan Corry

Social capital: Charities and the London Mayor

on 3 May 2016

As London prepares to elect a new Mayor, what do we know about the scope of its civil society? Dan Corry presents new NPC data analysis.