Treating homelessness as a systemic problem

on 29 November 2018

NPC Senior Consultant Rachel Tait gives an overview of the findings of our recent report on the systems level causes-of and solutions-to the problem of homelessness.


Charities in prisons: Relationships, incentives, and access

on 7 November 2018

Researcher Theo Clay shares some early work from Criminal Justice Project. We have been speaking to around 30 charities to hear about their challenges, but also to shine a light on examples of prisons and charities working well together.


Potential difficulties registering EU migrants

on 11 September 2018

With the UK planning to leave the EU in March 2019, the Transition Advice Fund has commissioned a study of EU migrants across the UK to uncover attitudes towards Brexit and the capability of different people to navigate the application process for settled status. Project lead Ruth Gripper explains


3 ways to really tackle homelessness

on 17 August 2018

With the government's rough sleeping strategy now out, Katie Boswell, NPC Deputy Head of Funders, sees it's strengths, it's weaknesses, and argues for a better way of thinking about homelessness.


How are charities tackling homelessness?

on 17 August 2018

Homelessness affects tens of thousands of people and the number is increasing. NPC is researching what the effective charity sector interventions are to reduce it and here, Senior Consultant Rachel Tait shares some promising areas from the early research.


Walking the talk on diversity

on 3 July 2018

The moral and business case for greater diversity and inclusion in the charity sector is clear. Yet time and again, research into diversity amongst trustees and senior managers in the charity sector shows little progress. Our research briefing asks: what is holding the charity sector back from putting words into action?

A window with a grate over it, looking out onto some trees

Our long-term vision for the voluntary sector in criminal justice

on 28 June 2018

Consultant Grace Wyld sets out the three areas which will define NPC's criminal justice work over the next year.


#NPCIgnites 2018: Inspiring the social sector

on 22 June 2018

The programme for 2018's NPC Ignites has been announced. Find out about the big names and bigger topics you can debate this year.


What’s the chance your impact-investment has an impact?

on 8 June 2018

Comparing impact across different investment opportunities is extremely hard to do. But there are tools to help you make an educated guess about which opportunities are more likely to have impact. Anoushka Kenley, Senior Consultant, explains one—the Impact Risk Classification.

James Noble headshot

Five years of justice data labs

on 30 May 2018

James Noble, our Impact Management Lead, wishes the Justice Data Lab a happy fifth birthday and sets out some of the amazing impact it has achieved in that time.


What we learned: Investigating the ‘impact’ in impact investment

on 30 April 2018

Impact investing is making waves. Leading financial institutions are moving into the field, with over $10trn of global assets now invested sustainably, some promising both competitive financial returns and a positive social impact. But it’s vital to specify and quantify that promised social impact. Plum Lomax draws some lessons from our work to capture this impact for one impact portfolio.


Let’s talk mission and merger

on 19 April 2018

Merger has a negative reputation in the charity sector. It shouldn't. This research, based on interviews with 50 charities, has found that mergers can be a powerful tool achieving more for causes. It sets out the different models of merger available, dispelling the myth that mergers are always takeovers and makes clear recommendations to charities, funders and regulators to enable more mergers to happen.