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Dan Corry

Some problems with place

on 13 April 2018

With place-based problem solving growing in popularity among policy and civil society circles, Dan Corry sets out some of the issues


Getting to grips with proportionate evaluation

on 24 August 2017

Charities are constantly grappling with what data to collect and how much. In this blog Erica Bertolotto sets out key points on how to collect the right amount of data and design a suitable evaluation methodology.


How to use your data to drive decisions

on 15 August 2017

With our expanding digital universe, it can feel like we’re surrounded by data but very few insights. Sonali Patel looks at how organisations can transform their data into wisdom, and use it to take informed action.


Keeping faith in data

on 26 April 2016

Reflecting on the challenges of analysing charity data as part of our research programme into faith-based charities. Even when data is accessible it often still requires specialist capabilities and technology to use, but we now have the most advanced and up-to-date analysis of faith-based charities in Great Britain.


NPC’s 12 blogs of Christmas 2015

on 24 December 2015

As the year draws to an end, it’s always good to look back and reflect. We’ve had a a busy and impactful 2015 at NPC, with interesting client work, new research topics and numerous stimulating events. Here we bring together our #12blogsofXmas to highlight just some of the areas we’ve worked in and to give you a chance to catch up.


Charities are a key piece in the devolution puzzle

on 21 December 2015

In principle, devolution has great promise for local communities, and for the charities working within them. But if not done right, it could see powers falling back along the same lines. For successful localism, Dan Corry argues, involving charities is key.


Mitzvah day highlights what faith-based charities have to offer

on 20 November 2015

Mitzvah Day sees around 37,000 people volunteering on a single day of faith-based social action. This highlights the crucial role faith-based charities play, but how much do we truly understand about the role faith plays in driving a charity's work and impact?


The loss of Eaves

on 6 November 2015

Angela Kail reflects on the closure of women's charity Eaves and what this means not only for the domestic violence sector, but the charity sector as a whole. This is the latest in a series of organisations that have closed or merged recently, so trustees need to be thinking through what they'd do in the worst case scenario.

Dan Corry

We’re off to party conferences—here’s why

on 24 September 2015

You will find NPC with an official presence at the two main political party conferences for the first time this year.

NPC Ignites logo

What’s duckweed got to do with it?

on 22 September 2015

Sometimes charities get stuck talking amongst themselves, or thinking that it is the non-profit sector alone that will solve social problems. Yet the complex issues that charities are working to tackle require radical new approaches and ideas, and learning from other fields is essential to innovation. So here's how NPC have made a start on this.


Keeping data safe

on 2 September 2015

The world contains an unimaginable amount of data which is growing each day, and charities have struggled to adapt to this ‘data revolution’. But charities can’t afford the risk to reputation—not to mention the potential harm to beneficiaries—of a serious data handling mistake and so need to understand their responsibilities. Our new guide to data protection can help.


Volunteering and the elderly exodus

on 22 July 2015

Last week the National Trust announced the numbers of its retiree volunteers are dwindling because older people are 'travelling around the world or doing the babysitting.' How can charities offer more to their older volunteers?