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J Leon Group

NPC worked with J Leon Group to help the company scale up its giving—defining objectives, identifying focus areas, and developing a strategy to take its giving forwards.


We have worked with the family-run investment company J Leon Group since 2011, when the family-run investment company J Leon decided to scale up its charitable giving. The company had been donating to charity for some years but, as well as increasing the scale of their giving, the management also wanted to give in a more thoughtful and systematic way. They had recently formed the J Leon Philanthropy Council (JLPC) to manage the company’s giving, and wanted to involve family shareholders in decisions and create a clear identity for J Leon’s philanthropy. The company contacted NPC to help develop the strategy of JLPC.


NPC helped JLPC to think about the aims for the company’s giving, clarify funding areas and discuss the charity selection process. In two workshops with JLPC members, we worked through what they wanted to achieve from the company’s giving, developing broad objectives. The company already supported several charities, but the council wanted to identify strategic focus areas to concentrate on in the future. With our help, JLPC members chose NEETs and human rights as their main areas of interest.

We then spent time with JLPC to consider the type of funding the council wanted to provide, offering advice on  good practice in grant-making and recommending appropriate funding structures. We discussed how to identify and select effective charities, and trained JLPC members in our charity analysis methodology to enable them to assess potential grantees. We worked through the practicalities of the grant-making process step by step to set out a plan for how the company’s giving would be administered.


Following the workshops, JLPC now has the strategy and processes in place to significantly scale up its grant-making, and the company is selecting charities which fit its focus areas to increase its funding portfolio.

NPC continues to support J Leon on a retainer basis, providing support as and when needed by JLPC. This includes reviewing grantee reporting documents, meeting grantees, sharing sector insights and attending trustee meetings.

Through our ongoing relationships we have encouraged some grantees to improve their measurement practice or governance. We also support the J Leon Philanthropy Council to be an effective funder, with such support as guiding on potential new areas of funding. In addition we annually facilitate a session for the company’s interns about philanthropy, and what the role of corporate philanthropy should be.

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