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J.P. Morgan

J.P. Morgan has a longstanding and active philanthropic programme that combines grant making and employee engagement to make a lasting social impact. J.P. Morgan’s philanthropy team commissioned NPC to review its 2012/2013 grant-making programme in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), building on similar projects since 2010.


NPC was asked to review J.P. Morgan’s 2012/2013 EMEA philanthropy programme. This work shares many of the same features of previous years’ work, including the publication of an in-depth impact report, a survey of grantees and a set of recommendations for the philanthropy team.


We reviewed the impact of 36 grants completed during this time and produced an internal in-depth document of our findings, including an overall description of what J.P. Morgan’s funding had achieved and a scorecard on each grantee. This information fed into a published impact report, summarising the scale and impact of J.P. Morgan’s funding across the different countries and programmes. To build a more qualitative picture we included six detailed case studies in the report by interviewing grantees from the UK and internationally.

As in previous years, we conducted an electronic survey of all grantees to explore their thoughts on aspects such as the application process, the impact of the grant, the support received from J.P. Morgan and how it compared with other funders. We also surveyed organisations that had welcomed volunteers from J.P. Morgan as part of the firm’s employee engagement programme. We analysed the results to highlight any trends, which fed into the published impact report and formed the basis of recommendations to the J.P. Morgan philanthropy team to inform future grant-making and non-financial support.


The impact report is a useful way for J.P. Morgan to outline its support in the EMEA region, while the survey analysis provides  valuable insights into its relationship with its grantees and volunteer organisations. NPC’s internal recommendations to the philanthropy team enable J.P. Morgan to continually improve their processes and the impact of both their grant-making and their employee engagement programmes.

The full report is available to download here.

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