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Licensed Trade Charity (LTC)

NPC worked with the Licensed Trade Charity (LTC) to review its activities with the aim of improving the support it provides to those working in the licensed drinks trade in the UK.


The Licensed Trade Charity (LTC) has supported people working in the drinks industry for over 200 years. Like many long-established benevolent funds, the needs of its beneficiaries have changed over time.

In 2010, LTC commissioned NPC to review its activities and assist in identifying those who might need the organisation’s support, and help it prioritise this support. LTC’s Director of Marketing and Charity Services, Liz Gaffer, told us that LTC chose to work with NPC ‘because of your clear focus in the areas of charity performance and sector research, and your experience in this area.’ 


Through a combination of desk research and interviews, NPC estimated the number of people the charity could help, and identified the most important needs they face. We then reviewed LTC’s work to see which of these needs it was currently addressing, and highlighted areas not covered.

We found that an estimated 2.4m people meet LTC’s criteria for support and half a million of these live in poverty.

LTC welcomed our rigorous approach: ‘NPC brought a robust research perspective to our work, and throughout the project, constantly reminded us of the bigger picture.’ 


We presented LTC with a report of our findings, and made suggestions for ways the charity could improve its support to better address the needs of those in the drinks industry.

LTC then asked us for support to implement our recommendations. We ran three workshops with the organisation’s staff and trustees, then developed detailed service descriptions. As a result of our advice, LTC is planning to widen its support through helpline and website and  is  developing bespoke support for NEETS and socially isolated people over retirement age.

‘The final report and presentations were both comprehensive, and for those not working close to the project, easy to digest,’ Liz told us. ‘ We now have a lot of useful  information which we have already used to review our support structures.’

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