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National Numeracy

NPC’s 2010 report into poor numeracy in the UK recommended creating a new organisation to tackle the problem. We helped scope and develop the strategy for the new charity, and in 2012 National Numeracy launched.


In 2010, NPC published Count me in, a report about the state of numeracy in England. We looked at charities already working in the area, and highlighted effective approaches to tackling problems with numeracy.

Our report found that although there is growing interest from government in raising the numeracy standards of children and adults, there is no overarching strategy to improve teaching, attitudes and skills across all different age groups, and few charities focus on numeracy. A concerted, joined-up effort is needed if standards are to be raised across the whole population.


To this end, we recommended that a new organisation should be created to promote more positive attitudes towards numeracy and identify and scale up successful approaches to tackling poor numeracy. This new organisation would also lobby government and critically assess the government’s performance in improving levels of numeracy.

Following our research, we were commissioned by a funder to scope out the purpose and goals of a potential new organisation, and helped develop the new charity’s strategy. We brought together a steering group of experts, charities and funders who created a business plan based on a wide consultation process.


As a result of this work, a new charity, National Numeracy, was established in March 2012, with the aim for every person in the UK to reach a level of numeracy that allows them to meet their full potential. The launch generated significant media coverage in national newspapers including The Telegraph, The Independent, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Sun, and The Times, as well as being featured on Radio 4, BBC News and Sky News.

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