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National Offender Management Service

In 2012, the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) commissioned NPC as part of a pioneering project to explore how providers can better measure the effectiveness of their work to rehabilitate offenders.

The challenge

NPC, in collaboration with ICPR Birkbeck, was commissioned alongside another consortium, led by RAND Europe, with the overall aim to explore new ways of measuring the short term impact of services intended to reduce reoffending. The project began with a review of the evidence on the impact of programmes that focus on improving family, intimate and peer relationships, and identifying related intermediate outcomes.

It is difficult for some  initiatives—particularly smaller ones—to demonstrate their effectiveness through assessing impact on reconviction. Isolating the effect of one intervention is often challenging when the population it serves is small. But it is vital that we are able to tell which interventions reduce the chances of offenders turning back to a life of crime.

Our approach

The project involved a major consultation exercise with providers and commissioners to identify relevant intermediate outcomes, such as improvements in relationships with children. Action for Prisoners’ Families, Safe Ground, and Ormiston Children and Families Trust are also advisers on the project.

NPC then developed a toolkit for measuring these intermediate outcomes. NPC and ICPR, with input from our consortium members, summarised the findings from the project in a final report, advising how the tools developed could be rolled out, and looking at the implications of the work for commissioning practice.


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