Clients and Partners


Nationwide worked with NPC to develop its corporate responsibility strategy to reflect the core business of the building society.


Nationwide commissioned NPC to help shape its corporate responsibility strategy. The building society had identified housing, financial exclusion and employability as potential focus areas and asked NPC to research each to help it decide what to prioritise.


We identified key problems in each area, exploring how these affect people’s lives and how they are changing in the economic downturn. We investigated the role of government and charities in addressing these problems to identify gaps where Nationwide might have the most impact. We also researched financial needs in the UK in greater depth, segmenting the population by life-stage and assessing the needs of each segment.


Through this process, we identified groups which needed more attention, and highlighted particular areas of need for each group. Nationwide is now using our research to target its corporate responsibility strategy to focus on those most in need of financial information.

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