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Street Kids International

Street Kids International were keen to take a more robust approach to strategy and impact across the organisation.

Street Kids International is an international development charity that educates and empowers vulnerable and marginalized youth to improve their quality of life. Through entrepreneurship and job-readiness programs, Street Kids International builds essential business skills and strategies for youth to transition into safe, decent and sustainable employment and drive positive lasting change in their communities.

The challenge

NPC was commissioned by Street Kids International (SKI) to develop a theory of change to support its strategic planning and act as a basis for developing an impact measurement framework. SKI had previously conducted evaluations on a project by project basis, but were keen to take a more robust approach to strategy and impact across the organisation as a whole.

SKI is based in the UK and Canada, so a staged process was required to ensure input from both teams. This was important to capture the Street Source pilot, currently delivered only by the Canadian team, and to build consensus and support across the organisation.

Our approach

First, we prepared materials and had conversations with SKI’s programme managers in Toronto to equip them with the knowledge and resources to run a workshop exploring their views on the outcomes and aims of the organisation. We spoke several times more to discuss the findings and feed back to the UK team.

SKI was also keen to gather input from colleagues working in Africa and South America, so we produced interview questions and guidance for SKI staff to structure these conversations.

We then delivered a one-day workshop with staff members and trustees in London. After introducing the concept of theory of change, we helped the UK team to identify their outcomes and agree on a final goal.

Drawing on the outputs from both teams and interviews with international colleagues, we mapped a draft theory of change which included the causal connections between Street Kids International’s mission, outcomes and activities. As part of this process, we began to explore which outcomes the group would prioritise for measurement.

The result

Following the workshops, NPC refined and finalised the theory of change, and captured key findings relating to measurement priorities. SKI was delighted with the final product and has secured pro-bono support from Ernst and Young, who have since developed an impact measurement framework based on the theory of change that NPC produced.

Executive Director of Street Kids International UK, Philippa Frankl, told us: ‘The NPC team were really supportive throughout the process. It was a challenge to involve our teams in the UK and Canada equally in developing the organisations theory of change. Iona Joy and Ellie Harries were fantastic at ensuring everyone’s input was captured during the process and fed into the final product. The result is that both SKI teams really feel ownership of the theory of change. It has already been applied in the development of our evaluation framework and is being used to guide strategic planning discussions and to refresh how we communicate about our work.’

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