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NPC supported vInspired to develop a theory of change to help them better understand the difference they make.


vInspired, the national youth volunteering charity, wanted to improve their understanding of the difference they make overall. They had good evaluation practice in place for individual programmes, but sought to measure impact at the organisational level, compare different strands of work and bring evaluation together across the charity.


We used a theory of change approach with vInspired to support their understanding of impact and the development of a new strategy. We designed and facilitated workshops with staff to provide an unbiased environment for everyone to have their say on the aims, outcomes and activities—helping build ownership of the theory of change internally.

We also ran an external testing workshop with vInspired’s stakeholders to engage them in the process and share early thinking. This was an exciting part of the process as it not only brought in valuable external thinking and perspectives, but it helped vInspired build stronger relationships with key players in the sector. It was a brave move, for which the charity was well respected by participants.

Throughout the project we provided strategic advice to vInspired and acted as a ‘critical friend’, helping the team work through the content and prioritise where necessary. We also advised on the measurement and evaluation framework.


vInspired has used the theory of change we developed to inform strategy development, including redeveloping programmes to fit better with the priority outcomes agreed. They are now developing a measurement framework to pull together data across the organisation, which will help them understand holistically the impact they create for their beneficiaries.

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