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Young Concern Trust

The Young Concern Trust (YCT) used NPC’s Well-being Measure to better demonstrate the impact of its work on users.

The challenge

Young Concern Trust (YCT) is a mental health charity providing one-to-one counselling and other emotional support to children and young people in schools and community settings. It was established 27 years ago by a group of local people who wanted to help young people experiencing a wide range of challenges and difficulties in Harlow, Essex.

Today the charity provides over 200 hours of one-to-one counselling every week, as well as small group work that includes Keep Yourself Safe (KYSS)—a six-week programme for young people exhibiting ‘risky behaviours’ to help them explore certain areas of risk taking and anticipate the consequences of their choices.

All of YCT’s work is focused on outcomes that result in enhanced life-skills, confidence and greater resilience; outcomes that lead to happier, brighter futures.

The approach

YCT used NPC’S Well-being Measure to evaluate the impact made by 1:1 counselling on a total of 40 young people, and by KYSS on 147 young people in one of six schools offering the programme. YCT have, in the past, used a variety of measurement tools, including CORE, YP CORE, SDQs and Outcomes Star. Sally Gubb, operational manager at YCT, said that ‘NPC’s Well-being Measure allows us to see the specific areas of a young person’s life where there are concerns and to measure improvements in these areas rather than a general improvement. The final reports are easy to read and provide a detailed summary of the impact made.’

The results

The results for the KYSS project demonstrated a significant improvement in the whole group’s (boys and girls) self-esteem, emotional well-being and life satisfaction. The boys’ resilience had also improved. Sally says the results were unsurprising, though it was interesting to see this difference in resilience—a divergence that may indicate a need to provide more intensive support to girls.

YCT have looked in detail at the report and suggested that a six-week course may not be as impactful as a longer course that would allow more exploration of issues at home, at school and with friends. The charity is currently piloting a KYSS+ group, where the parents of young people take part in a group that mirrors the material offered to their children. This includes a full-day drama group to explore relationship issues relevant to group members, which it hopes will have an impact on empathy and family relationships.

The results for the one-to-one counselling showed a significant improvement in self-esteem, emotional well-being, and resilience, satisfaction with friends, satisfaction with school and life satisfaction. Again, Sally says ‘there was nothing particularly surprising about the results of this report and we were very pleased that there were such significant improvements in so many areas.’

 YCT strive to be innovative and creative in the way that we plan, deliver and assess our work. NPC’s Well-being Measure has enabled us to transform the way that we prove to our stakeholders that what we do makes a difference to the lives of children and young people.

Sally Gubb, YCT

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