Building a measurement framework: An introduction for funders

NPC’s workshop takes you through the steps involved in measuring impact, how to articulate your impact as a funder, and how best to support applicants and grantees with evaluation.

What is it about?

Through their grant-making, funders make a difference to people’s lives in countless ways. But just knowing you might be making some kind of difference isn’t enough: you need to understand the difference your grants are making, and you need to have robust data to inform your grantmaking decisions.

Led by our expert measurement team, this workshop will take you through what to measure given your funding model , and how to support and judge the quality of grantees’ impact measurement.

With a group size of no more than 15, the workshop will be interactive and hands-on. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

A really useful overview of demonstrating and measuring impact.

The training will help you to:

  • Understand the terminology, concepts and definitions
  • Identify intended and unintended social impacts
  • Develop and use a theory of change
  • Prioritise outcomes for measurement
  • Understand the different levels of evidence
  • Support grantees with impact measurement
  • Understand learning and reporting principles

Who should attend?

The training is an introductory session and assumes no prior knowledge. It is aimed at funders who are either new to impact measurement or looking to improve their approach.

Comprehensive and insightful.

Who delivers the training?

The training is delivered by our consultants who are experts in working with funders and charities of all shapes and sizes to develop robust and systematic methods for measuring the difference they make.

Background reading

This training is based on our report NPC’s four pillar approach, and our Funding impact recommendations on how to approach impact practice. For further background information, read our paper on Theory of change.


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