About this event

As UK communities increasingly grapple with the impacts of climate change and related policies, what should funders and charities know about the links between social issues, health, and the environment?

With the world tightening its climate targets following COP26, join us at this event, as we explore how environmental challenges relating to rising temperatures, erratic rainfall, pollution, and more will affect the health of people here in the UK. And how global systemic issues affect communities in the UK as well as overseas. We’ll be looking at how it affects the health of young people, older people, people on low incomes, people from minority ethnic backgrounds and others.

We will hear from NPC’s Liz Gadd, Principal of Effective Philanthropy and Leah Davis, Head of Policy and External Affairs on the intersection between health and the environment, alongside Hugh Mehta from Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF). There will also be opportunity to discuss action at the intersection of social and environmental issues with other funders and charities. This event is run in partnership with the Environmental Funders Network (EFN).