Systems change is a way of trying to get a handle on this complexity to bring about positive social impact. NPC

Do I have a complexity problem?

About this event

If you’re in the social sector you’re likely working with situations, problems and systems that are often described as complex. But what is complexity and how does it affect you?

In this interactive workshop, we will be sharing two tools from our upcoming Systems Practice toolkit that are designed to unpack complexity. The session is for anyone– managers, leaders or frontliners’ who want to better understand complexity, how it shows up in your situations, and how to work with it more effectively.

The workshop will be led by NPC’s Systems Change Principal, Seth Reynolds, with support from NPC’s Assistant Director, Katie Boswell, and NPC consultant, Abi Rose.

A limited number of bursary places are available for small charities, ethnic minority charities of all sizes and ethnic minority representatives from charities of all sizes. Email to learn more.


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