About this event

The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the transition to digital technology, with charities adopting remote working practices and transforming services almost overnight. Boards quickly adjusted to Zoom meetings and brought forward previously planned investments in technology for their organisations. Yet as restrictions start to ease with the rollout of Coronavirus vaccines, charities will have to decide which aspects of remote working and digital services to keep and how to integrate new ways of working with more traditional face-to-face delivery.

This seminar—run in partnership with the Clothworker’s Company—explores what trustees are and should be doing to ensure their charity is using digital effectively. It is aimed at all trustees regardless of their digital experience, and will cover:

  • How charities have used digital through Covid-19 so far.
  • Ways trustees can support their charities to harness digital technology to improve services, put beneficiaries at the centre of service delivery, increase reach and engagement, share resources, and maximise operating efficiency.
  • What questions trustees should ask themselves to ensure their charity makes the right decisions around whether and how to use digital to boost their charity’s impact through and beyond Covid-19.

The event will be chaired by Fran Perrin, NPC trustee and speakers include Zoe Amar one of the charity sector’s leading digital experts and founder of Zoe Amar Digital,  Matthew Corner Trustee of Tutors United, and Alex Butler, Trustee of SafeLives .

Charity Governance Awards

The Charity Governance Awards 2021 will reward boards that have shifted in response to Covid-19. One award is for charities that have recently improved their digital capabilities. Enter the awards and win £5,000 for your charity. Entries close 25 January:

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