About this event

Trustees are responsible for managing a charity’s risks. But considered risk taking, when well managed and in keeping with a charity’s values, can present an opportunity and lead to a charity achieving more for its beneficiaries.

This seminar run in partnership with The Clothworker’s Company, will:

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  • Explore how considered risk taking can bring opportunities through new ways of working, partnering, fundraising or even a new strategy.
  • Examine examples of considered risk taking from trustees.
  • Discuss the barriers and opportunities for trustees to harness risk and embrace opportunity.

Charity Governance Awards

If you are interested in this event you might be interested in the Charity Governance Awards organised by The Clothworkers’ Company in partnership with NPC, Prospectus and Reach. By shining a spotlight on the best of the sector, the awards aim to demonstrate how effective governance can transform a charity and even more of the lives of its beneficiaries. Watch the videos of last year’s winners to hear their stories.

The Awards open again for applications every October so do look out for them.