About this event

We often think about impact measurement or evaluation in terms of developing frameworks, tools and processes, but it’s engaging organisations to use them well which matters most. Whether you’re in a large or a small organisation, your ability to implement impact measurement and improve your programmes or services depends on other people. In an ideal world, everybody would take responsibility for impact, be curious about what works and what could be improved and be up for making changes based on your own data or existing evidence. Whether you’re a leader or an evaluation practitioner, it’s helpful to know how best you can influence how your colleagues collect, analyse and use data to make decisions.

This seminar will explore:

  • How to involve everyone in impact – from trustees to frontline staff and volunteers
  • How to develop a learning culture where people are curious and ask questions about what’s working and what could be improved
  • How to demonstrate to your team why data and evidence matters to them and their work
  • Practical tips to embed these new ways of working in your organisation

The seminar will be chaired by James Noble, NPC’s Impact Management Lead, and speakers will include: 

This event is part of our Leading Impact series of seminars. Other dates in the series are:

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