About this event

The artistic landscape is changing. Across the country, budgetary pressures and the demands of career-focussed choices mean that we may be facing a generation of young people who have never experienced art at school or anywhere else. Charities and funders are both looking at the best ways to help young people experience and enjoy arts and culture.

We’ve been working with arts charities, across a full range of artistic styles, to understand what works in engaging young people in the arts. Our analysis of the published literature, data, interviews with practitioners and our conversations with young people themselves have shed light on best practice and challenged conventional wisdom.

At this invite only event, we will discuss the findings of our research, hear young people’s stories and build connections with others that are working hard to engage young people in arts and culture.

This event is taking place at the National Theatre on 4 October between 1.45pm and 4.00pm.

Speakers include:

  • Rizwan IqbalManchester International Festival

More speakers to be announced closer to the event.

To learn more about NPC’s work on arts engagement, read our blogs Deciding where to draw the line: Defining arts and culture and What works in arts and culture outreach?

If you are interested in attending please email us at events@thinkNPC.org by 20 September.


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