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Leading with an adaptive strategy

About this event

In an era of unending crisis, strategy becomes a process of ongoing decision-making. In such a context, you need to know where you want to go, but your exact route to get there may not be mapped out in detail at the outset. This is often called an “adaptive” or “agile” approach to strategy, whilst others talk about “being more flexible”, “a test and learn approach”, or needing to be “more nimble”. Whilst different organisations describe the approach with different language, the overall concept is steadily becoming the norm in the sector.

How can charities and funders operate in an adaptive and flexible way that ensures their strategy continues to be relevant in the face of change?

This event will:

  • Outline methods for developing a more adaptive strategy
  • Explore the related culture and practice changes
  • Share how others in the sector have made their strategy development and implementation more adaptive

The event will be led by NPC’s Naomi Chapman, and our guest speaker, Rozzy Amos from The Princes Trust. This online training is suited for anyone with responsibility for setting a strategy whether that be at programme, department or organisational level.


This event is part of our Leading Impact series of seminars. A limited number of bursary places are available for small charities, ethnic minority charities of all sizes and ethnic minority representatives from charities of all sizes. Bursary spaces are available on a first come, first served basis. Email us to apply for our bursary places.

We are also actively working to improve the accessibility of our online and in-person events. As part of our commitment, for all online events we use live closed captions and upload the recordings to YouTube which has the capability to select subtitles. For in-person events we strive to use accessible venues.


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