About this event

Volunteers have been thrown into the spotlight with Covid-19, from people volunteering for the first time to longstanding volunteers having to step back to shield themselves from the virus. The pandemic has encouraged people to volunteer in different and new ways, such as by joining mutual aid groups, participating in micro-volunteering, volunteering remotely, and using their skills to give charities support they would otherwise be unable to afford. But it has also raised questions around safeguarding, welfare, coordination and changing volunteer expectations.

From helping vulnerable people meet their basic needs to their direct involvement in administering vaccines, volunteers have shown they will be crucial for the remainder of the pandemic. Yet as we enter the second year of the crisis, there are signs that the number of people willing to volunteer is starting to wane due to fatigue, frustration and fear of catching the virus itself.

This seminar—run in partnership with The Clothworkers’ Company—explores what trustees are and should be doing to ensure their charity is effectively supporting its volunteers and harnessing volunteering opportunities for greater impact. It will cover:

  • How volunteers have supported charities’ response to Covid-19 so far and the challenges it has caused for charities reliant on volunteers for impact.
  • What questions trustees should ask themselves to ensure their charity effectively manages and retains its volunteers throughout the remainder of the pandemic.
  • Ideas for trustees on empowering volunteers and capitalising on different opportunities volunteering can provide through and beyond Covid-19.

The event will be chaired by Lucy de Groot CBE, NPC trustee. She was formerly CEO of CSV (now Volunteering Matters). Speakers include, Tiger de Souza MBE, Volunteering, Participation & Inclusion Director at the National Trust, Nicola Steur, Trustee of Help on Your Doorstep and Paul Reddish, Chief Executive of Volunteering Matters.

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